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What is over dimensional haulage UK?

Over dimensional haulage UK  is regulated by the Act of June 20, 1997 – Road Traffic Law. It provides for the need to fulfill certain formalities. In order to be able to organize the transport of over dimensional haulage UK, a specific permit must be obtained. This is the basic document that entitles the carrier to travel on public roads with a load that exceeds the permissible standards.

The Act provides for 7 categories of permits. Another document must be requested depending on the dimensions, weight or axle loads of the vehicles. Categories I and II relate to divisible loads. On the other hand, permits in categories III to VII are issued for indivisible goods. These are goods that cannot be divided into smaller loads without exposing yourself to disproportionately high costs or the risk of damage.

The permit is granted to the entity that performs over dimensional haulage UK. The document also specifies the duration of the transport, the number of journeys and the exact route. Information should also be provided on the vehicle used for the transport, as well as the criteria for adapting the road infrastructure. It is also necessary to take into account the method of piloting, if required, which can be read in the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 23 May 2012 on piloting non-standard vehicles and dimensional haulage UK.

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